Trans-fat Free Bun Shortening is a specially designed emulsified shortening for use in baked products, such as buns, tortillas, breads and cookies. This product is 100% trans-fat free. The unique emulsification system helps integrate the fat completely into the baked good and allows for a lower fat use level when compared to other trans-fat free fats or margarines. Baked products made with this shortening will exhibit lasting freshness.

Mallet's Trans-fat Free Satin Bun Shortening will yield the following benefits:

  • Produce fresh tasting high quality products.
  • No added trans fat contributed to your formulation or nutritional content.
  • Meet the need for removing partially hydrogenated fat from label.
  • Economically favorable compared to other trans-fat free products.
  • Very versatile, can be used in many different applications.


  • Carton - 45 pound net


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)