Mallet Droplet

Today Mallet & Company operates in the global environment, sourcing and selling our products and equipment worldwide. Our core competency has been and still is "solving our customers' problems" whether they be to increase quality, reduce costs or process improvement.

We view ourselves as a service business delivering our value through the combination of high quality, consistent products and the equipment to apply them. This unique combination together with our field technical service and in-house laboratory gives our customers a tremendous advantage when they choose to do business with us.

Mallet is highly specialized in the areas of Organic, PHO-free, GMO-free and Allergen-free products.

We are a specialized manufacturer of products for the food industry, and are recognized as a leading supplier of:

♦ Food Grade Release Compounds ♦ Bread Pan Oilers
♦ Edible Oils & Specialty Blends ♦ Cake Pan Greasers
♦ Emulsifiers Icing Stabilizers ♦ Machinery for the Baking and Food Processing Industries

Mallet's competitive advantage is derived from a unique ability to solve customer problems by cohesively integrating research and development, technical service, custom packaging and manufacturing, and efficient distribution. 

R&D - Mallet's commitment to market driven research is focused on developing products that help customers become more profitable, productive and efficient.

Technical Service - Our Service is delivered through our Lab, Machinery Division, and our field technical service representatives.

Custom Packaging and Manufacturing - At Mallet, consistent quality has been a key element in our continued success. Our products are packaged using precise electronic filling equipment and only in new containers.

Efficient Distribution - Mallet makes every effort to get product to the customer quickly and in the quantities needed. By eliminating excess inventory that can drain cash flow, our efficient delivery systems add a significant measure of value. 

Ultimately, our integrated approach to problem solving has led to Mallet and Company being recognized as the premier provider of releasing agents, emulsifiers, icing stabilizers, bread pan oilers, food grade release compounds, cake pan greasers, edible oils and specialty blends, emulsifiers and machinery to the baking and food processing industries.


To provide our customers with reliable, high quality products and equipment
whose consistent performance is supported with unsurpassed technical service.