Trans Free Satin Plus is a trans-fat free emulsified shortening used primarily for cakes, sweet yeast goods, crème fillings and icings. This product is a trans fat free version of Mallet’s Satin Plus. It holds moisture and absorbs air quickly to yield cakes and icings of superior quality, without adding hydrogenated or trans fats. Cakes using Trans Free Satin Plus will be moist and have improved grain and texture. Cakes will tend to be more symmetrical and exhibit long lasting freshness. Icings have an unbeatable appearance and taste with superior creaming and spreading qualities, and they stay fresh longer. Trans Free Satin Plus adds richness to finished goods without added trans fats.

Mallet’s Trans Free Satin Plus Shortening will yield the following benefits:

  • No added trans fat contributed to your formulation.
  • Produce high quality products that meet the need for trans-fat free labeling.


  • Carton – 50 lbs. Net


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)