Thriftee EZ Release, no antioxidant is the latest in cake pan release technology. It is designed to provide maximum releasing efficiency with a minimum amount of release compound. Thriftee EZ Release NA is an ideal release compound for most types of cake.

The unique feature of this compound is that it contains no cereal starch solids of any kind. With minor modifications, it will run perfectly through all of Mallet's cake pan greasers. Contains no partially hydrogenated oil.


  • Lower viscosity allows for greatly reduced release compound usage, while providing maximum release effectiveness.
  • The lack of abrasive cereal starches will prolong the useful life of most greasing equipment.
  • Very stable - resists separation in storage as well as during actual machine application.
  • Substantially reduced sanitation and equipment maintenance requirements.
  • Lower release compound usage results in reduced grease solids at the pan washer.


  • Bulk Tank Truck
  • Plastic Pails - 35 lbs. net
  • 55 Gallon Steel or Fiber Drums - 415 lbs. net
  • Disposable Tote - 2,075 lbs. net


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)