Vegalube Sun SF is a non-allergenic, food grade release oil containing a special blend of partially hydrogenated soybean oil, high smoke point mineral oil and sunflower lecithin. It resists polymerization better than most release oil blends. It is an effective release agent, even at low usage levels. Vegalube Sun SF may be successfully used in numerous food processing applications especially where soy allergen labeling is of concern.


Bread & Bun Bakeries

Vegalube Sun SF is an efficient release oil used in the production of bread and buns. It helps prevent the sticky build-up that is so common to typical pan oil blends, especially when used through Mallet's target area spray equipment. The high smoke point of Vegalube Sun SF helps eliminate unpleasant smoke problems sometimes seen in bakeries.

Pizza Crust Production

Vegalube Sun SF is an excellent release agent choice for pressed pizza dough production. Good release may be achieved at very low usage levels, especially, when used through Mallet's precision oiling equipment. This product is indicated for use as a release agent where soy lecithin allergenicity is a concern.

Food Processing & Candy Production

Vegalube Sun SF provides excellent release in operations producing molded food products and candy components. Its resistance to polymerization helps keep belts and molds cleaner longer, while providing soy lecithin free release at low usage levels.


  • Bulk
  • Disposable or Returnable Totes - 2,075 lbs. Net
  • 55 Gallon Steel Drums - 415 lbs. Net
  • Plastic Pails - 35 lbs. Net


Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)