Unique, all vegetable trough lubricant that contains no Mineral Oils. Efficiently covers the interior of troughs and hoppers with a film that does not become gummy or rancid. Will not discolor dough, cause odor or foreign taste. Allows troughs to dump clean every time. Made with a special blend of vegetable oils and shortenings designed to eliminate polymerization, oxidation and buildup.


Trough Grease L is a pourable type trough grease in liquid form for quicker, easier application with spray equipment. It provides a clean, sanitary operation at a low cost. Yet, it is viscous enough to cling to the sides of troughs for efficient dumping of doughs. You can use up to 40% less Trough Grease L


  • 55 Gallon Bung Steel Drum - 410 lbs. net
  • 55 Gallon Open Head Steel Drum - 410 lbs. net
  • 55 Gallon Bung Fiber Drum - 410 lbs. net
  • Plastic Pail - 35 lbs. net
  • 270 Gallon Tote - 2.050 lbs. net
  • Bulk


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)