RTU Icing Stabilizer is designed for ready-to-use type icings and glazes. Icings and glazes which have been stabilized using the RTU Icing Stabilizer can be reheated or used as prepared while still maintaining excellent stability. These icings and glazes can be applied to bakery products which are packaged and help yield a good shelf life. RTU Icing Stabilizer will help produce icings and glazes which are smooth and stable and have a silky sheen. It can be used in chocolate, caramel, and other colored icings without a bleaching out effect.

Suggested Glaze Formula:

  • RTU Stabilizer 2 ½. lbs.
  • Granulated Sugar 50 lbs.
  • Water, variable 40 lbs.
  • Bring to a rolling boil for 2 min.
  • Hard Fat Flakes 4 lbs.
  • Add the hard fat flakes and bring back to boiling
  • Powdered Sugar, 6X 100 lbs.
  • Salt 4 ozs.
  • Flavor 4ozs.
  • Corn Syrup (Optional for Shine) 2 lbs.

Place powdered sugar, salt and flavor in mixing bowl. Add approximately 50-60% of the syrup-mix in low speed until mass is smooth. Then gradually add the remainder of the syrup. Finished application temperature of glaze should be in the range of 115 to 120 ºF and should not be allowed to cool as it will set-up and be difficult to handle.


  • Fiber Drum-300 lbs. Net
  • Carton – 50 lbs. Net


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)