The Model 488 Band Oven Oiler - This unique machine is designed to provide a light, continuous coating of oil to oven bands, sheet pans, or other baking surfaces. Any surface which does not require target area greasing can be oiled with this unit.**

Model 488


Outstanding Features:

  • Adjustable oil pressure regulator allows the user to set oil flow rate precisely where desired
  • Individual air adjustment at each nozzle permits accurate control of oil break-up.
  • Nozzles are pre-set at the factory to give even oiling across the band
  • Adjustable timer provides intermittent re-oiling of bands.
  • Feeds directly from a drum pump or pressurized bulk oil supply View or print drawings below.

Machine Features:

Requires only 115 volt power and a small amount of house air. Avoids excessive oiling, misting, and eliminates the use of unsanitary and unsightly wipers. Made in the U.S.A.

Band Oven Oiler Brochure (pdf format)

Available Options

Optional sensor can trigger unit to oil cookie sheets or other sheet pans Additional nozzles to spray ant band width

Service Requirements

  • 110 VAC
  • 1/2" Air supply @ 60 P.S.I.


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