Trans Free Thriftee Solid Cake Pan Grease is made of palm based trans fat free components. It is formulated to have the consistency of a paste, so that it can be applied by hand onto individual pans. This product meets the need of bakers who do not wish to spray or atomize cake pans. In addition, it meets the customer demand for a cake release agent free of partially hydrogenated fats. This cake pan grease provides maximum releasing efficiency for all types of cakes. Its unique formulation of high quality vegetable oils, lecithin, and extremely fine particle size corn flour solids allows improved application and enhanced performance in a variety of cake. It works perfectly on all types of cake, sweet goods and candy products.


  • Very smooth in texture to help provide more uniform distribution during application for improved pan coverage.
  • Will NOT contribute trans fats to your products formulation.
  • Very stable when applied.
  • Helps eliminate stickers, rejects, and/or broken cakes.
  • Smooth texture, and overall stability result in improved hand application efficiency.


  • Pails - 40 lbs. Net


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)