Trough Grease Special is a unique vegetable and mineral trough lubricant. This product contains both mineral and vegetable components to efficiently cover the interior of troughs and hoppers with a film that does not become gummy or rancid. In addition, this product does not discolor dough, cause odor or foreign taste. It allows troughs to dump clean every time. Trough Grease Special is designed to prevent oxidation and build up.


Trough Grease Special is a pourable type trough grease in liquid form for a quicker, easier application with spray equipment. It provides a clean, sanitary operation at a low cost. Yet, it is viscous enough to cling to the sides of troughs for efficient dumping of doughs. You can use up to 40% less Trough Grease Special than most any other lubricant.


  • Bulk
  • Plastic Pail -35 lbs. Net
  • 55-gallon Open Head Steel Drum - 410 lbs. Net
  • 55-gallon Steel Drum Bung - 410 lbs. Net
  • 55-gallon Open Head Fiber Drum with Bung - 410 lbs. Net
  • 270-gallon Tote - 2,050 lbs. Net


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)