Vegalube Super P NH is a bread pan oil formulated without partially hydrogenated soybean oil. This oil is stable in nature and will yield over 280 hours stability in our polymerization or gumming tests. This results in a significant extension of pan glaze life.

As a result of its unique formulation, its viscosity is significantly lower than that of other similar oils and is specifically designed to "wet" the pan better to enhance releasing and to atomize very readily for more uniform spraying. This not only aids in application, but also helps keep usage levels at a minimum resulting in less residual oil left in the bread pan after baking.

Even though Vegalube Super P NH contains a significant amount of coconut oil, it is crystal clear at room temperature and above. Furthermore, this material will begin to form crystals much more slowly than competitive oils when subjected to cold temperatures, and will readily "reconstitute" when warmed. This means less potential problems in application during cold weather seasons.

Vegalube Super P NH was designed with two goals in mind, provide the lowest possible usage levels and yield the maximum glaze life of a bread pan.


  • Bulk
  • Plastic Pails - 35 lbs. Net
  • 55 Gallon Steel or Fiber Drum - 415 lbs. Net
  • 270 Gallon Tote - 2,075 lbs. Net


Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)