Vegalube Super Sun represents a new concept in food grade release oils. Its formulation consists of a very unique combination of partially hydrogenated soybean oil, coconut oil, high smoke point mineral oil and non-allergenic sunflower lecithin. This release oil blend is extremely stable in nature and will meet the requirements of your customers who demand a non-allergenic product.

The extreme stability of Vegalube Super Sun provides a product that is highly resistant to polymerization, which makes it very efficient release oil even at low usage levels. For the bakery using glazed pans, this new product will dramatically extend the useful life of the pan glaze, especially when used through Mallet's exclusive, target area spray application equipment.

The product separation so commonly seen in other release oil blends containing Sunflower Lecithin has been eliminated in Vegalube Super Sun.


Bread & Bun Bakeries:

Vegalube Super Sun is designed to provide efficient releasing at very low usage levels, while preventing the sticky build-up associated with typical bread pan release oils. When used through Mallet's bread pan oiling equipment, many bakeries have seen usage levels as low as 15 ounces per 1,000 loaves and more than 800 bake cycles between pan cleaning and reglazing.

Pizza Crust:

Both hot and cold press pizza crust producers will achieve excellent release at extremely low usage levels. The high smoke point of Vegalube Super Sun will help eliminate the unpleasant smoke problems sometimes experienced in pizza bakeries. The use of Mallet's targeted, dough ball oiling equipment will significantly reduce oil usage and the sticky build-up that is so common in pizza crust manufacture.

Food Processing & Candy Production:

Vegalube Super Sun provides excellent release in operations producing moulded food products and sticky candy components. Its resistance to polymerization and low usage levels will help keep belts and molds cleaner, longer.


  • Bulk Tank Truck
  • Plastic Pails - 35 lbs. net
  • 55 Gallon Steel or Fiber Drums - 415 lbs. net
  • Disposable or Returnable Totes - 2,075 lbs. net


Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)