Kake Mate is an all purpose cake emulsifier for both sponge and shortening batters.


Kake Mate is a hydrated product containing sorbitan monostearate, monoglycerides and polysorbate 60. It is hydrated to provide increased functionality of its surface active agents as well as to enhance its dispersibility, which gives the desired bowl volume quickly. Sorbitan monostearate and polysorbate 60 are present in a unique combination which yields the most efficient hydrophilic-lipophilic balance. These emulsifiers provide active starch complexing as well as having a high affinity for proteins. They strengthen protein cell walls, aid in film formation, and allow for the uniform entrapment of air.

For the finished cake, these characteristics mean better eating quality, better volume, and a finer more uniform grain and texture. Also, its high affinity for water allows the use of additional water in the cake formulation leading to lower bowl costs. During cake production, more tolerance is provided by using Kake Mate, and the cake holds up better during baking and cooling. The monoglycerides present are active starch complexing agents which "slow down" the normal retrogradation of starch molecules after gelatinization. This results in extended shelf life and the ability of the cake to hold moisture and remain soft and fresh days longer.


  • For continuous operations such as cakes - A good starting point would be 1/2 pound of Kake Mate to 100 pounds of batter.

  • For conventional operations - A good starting point would be one pound of Kake Mate to 100 pounds of batter.


  • Fiber Drum 30 gallon - 190# net
  • Carton - 50# net


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)