Today Mallet & Company operates in the global environment, sourcing and selling our products and equipment worldwide.

Our core competency has been and still is “solving our customers' problems”, whether they be to increase quality, reduce costs or process improvement. We view ourselves as a service business delivering our value through the combination of high quality, consistent products and the equipment to apply them. This unique combination together with our field technical service and in house laboratory give our customers a tremendous advantage when they choose to do business with us. 

Our Story

Mallet Oil - Our Story1 From humble beginnings in 1939, Mallet and Company has enjoyed great success in providing the baking and food processing industries with high quality, innovative ingredients and equipment. It was while selling and delivering yeast and attending Duquesne University night school that Louis D. Mallet made many observations leading to various significant innovations for the baking industry. Mr. Mallet obtained his education "the hard way", and after 9 years in a work-study program, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. He founded the Home Kitchen Company in 1939, with one truck and one employee, working out of his mother’s kitchen and a rented garage. The name was changed to Mallet & Company, Inc. 10 years later. During Mr. Mallet's career, his entrepreneurial spirit and great desire to succeed brought many creative inventions of both ingredients and process improvements to the baking industry.

Mr. Mallet died in 1967 at age 53, having created a profound legacy.

Mallet Oil - Mrs Dorothy Mallet Louis' wife, Dorothy, continued to operate the business with the assistance of her son, Robert, and nephew, Aaron Margolis, until her death in 1987. Robert and Aaron ran the business until 2002 when Mr. Margolis retired. Robert Mallet remained as Chairman until 2016 when the company was sold to Vantage Specialty Chemicals. Our corporate goal has always been to continually strive to innovate and make contributions to our industry, and thus attempt to insure the success of the business well into the future.

Among Louis D. Mallet's initial contributions were icing stabilizers. With the invention of cellophane over-wrap, came significant problems with melting, sticking, and breakdown of icing. Mr. Mallet's conviction was "The Icing sells the cake". Today we continue to be a leader with a line of products that condition the icing enhancing the appearance, texture, and shelf life of the baked good.

Mallet Oil - Our Story2 Continued research led to the development of Bread Pan Releasing Oil, replacing the hand method of "greasing", a messy and inefficient process. This not only delayed the pans from becoming burned and carbonized, but also extended their useful life. As the automation process continued to increase bakery production speeds, there was a need for a better, faster way to lubricate pans. Thus, the first Mechanical Bread Pan Oiler was introduced in 1955.

The next big milestone in the company's history was the automation of the cake pan-greasing portion of the baking process. Cake, because of its high sugar content requires a viscous type release agent that provides an adequate barrier between the pan and the cake to prevent the caramelized sugars causing the cake to stick to the pan. This technology also required a new generation of application equipment to deliver precise target area amounts of specialized releasing agents. In 1971, Mrs. Mallet was instrumental in establishing a joint venture in Japan; Nippon Mallet, Ltd. Today Mallet & Company's technology is assisting bakers in Asia with their needs for our type products.

Mallet and Company sits on a 20-acre site with approximately 80,000 square feet of processing facility. Our tank farm has the capacity for up to 700,000 gallons of liquid raw material and is temperature controlled. Our warehouse can accommodate five million pounds of finished products in various packages from bulk tanker trucks, totes, drums, pails, and other size containers. We operate our own fleet of multi-compartment bulk tankers to insure the integrity of our products through delivery.

Our product line has constantly expanded to meet the changing needs of our customers to now include specialized releasing agents for bread and cake, specialized liquid shortenings and custom blends for specific applications, bread and cake emulsifiers, icing stabilizers and machinery for the baking and food processing industries. We now have products used in the production of frozen pizza, fresh pizza, waffles, cones, and wafers. Our core competencies since the beginning have been to be a problem solving, high quality manufacturer of specialized ingredients to the wholesale baking and food processing industries. We maintain a laboratory with food scientists who are able to understand our customers problems, make suggestions and recommend a product that may add benefit and value to your operation.

We also have a team of field technical service people who work at your location with your formulas and conditions to improve the characteristics and/or lower the production costs of your products. We are food safety certified by many agencies, operate a Kosher and Halal plant, and can provide organic, GMO free, and PHO free products.

The Mallet Story

The Timeline of Our Success!

1939 – 1949
Louis D. Mallet founded the Home Kitchen Company, in 1939. His first products were icing stabilizers (an industry first). Mr. Mallet had one employee and worked out of his mother's kitchen, and a rented garage.

1946 - Home Kitchen Company Incorporated. 
1949 - Name changed to Mallet & Company, Inc.

1950 – 1959
As the company grew; more products were added including baker's jellies, fruit and nut fillings.

1951 - First icing depositor.
1953 - Mallet establishes its operating facilities on the North Side of Pittsburgh.
1955 - Mallet produced the first mechanical bread pan oiler. 
1956 - Mallet purchases plant and tank farm facilities in Carnegie PA and moves all
            operations to this new location.
1957 - Bowl pumps introduced.

1960 – 1969
1961 - Purchased H.W. Given Company, Botsford Division: Tweeds brand mustard and
1964 - First Automatic Bread Pan Oiler.
1965 - Mallet produced the first prepared stable cake pan release compound, solving
           many problems for the wholesale bakers who prior to this were using their own
           unstable mixtures to de-pan their cake.
1967 - Louis D. Mallet died, and was succeeded by his wife, Dorothy M. Mallet.
1968 - Bun pan oiler introduced.
1969 - Entry into bulk distribution with the first installation in Detroit.

1970 – 1979
1970 - Mallet introduces the first 'target area' cake pan greaser.
1971 -  Establishment of Nippon Mallet Limited, a joint venture between Mallet and Miyoshi
           Fat and Oil of Tokyo, to produce our products for the Asian market.
1972 - Mallet enters the bulk transportation business using our own fleet of trucks and
           drivers, to serve our larger customers, in bulk.
1972 - Mallet introduces its' first and finest hydrated cake emulsifier, KakeMate.
1972 - Brown and serve oiler introduced.
1973 - Began packaging & distribution of pure NF and USP White Mineral Oils for Roll
           Machines Dividers and Troughs.
1974 - Patented Automatic Machine for greasing Bakery Pans and Depositing Batter
1975 - Distribution of Lancelot Mold Inhibitors.
1976 - First container of Sunny Gold Corn Oil arrives in Hong Kong aboard the Korean
1976 - Japanese patent Automatic Bakery Machine.
1976 - Mallet introduces fully integrated pool truck delivery system offering truckload
           prices to less than truckload customers.
1977 - Bread pan oiler redesigned.

1980 – 1989
Mallet enters the institutional business with a full line of food service shortening and oil products. Mallet expands their business to foreign countries in Central and South America, and the Middle East.

1982 - Bread pan oiler sold to China for use in its first automated bakery.
1986 - Patented divider oils introduced.
1988 - Patented a lubricating oil and method of application for dough dividers.
1989 - Mallet expands lab facilities.
1989 - High speed hopper type depositor introduced.

1990 – 1999
1990 - Mallet fully commits itself to becoming a full service provider utilizing bulk and
           mini-bulk multi-product delivery systems including refillable totes, and disposable
           totes, as an alternative to the 55-gallon steel drum.
1994 - Band oven oil introduced
1994 - Intermediate bulk containers added to product packaging line.
1995 - First automated bread pan oiler introduced.
1996 - Patented a release composition for food contact surfaces.
1997 - Mallet introduces fully functional electrostatic release oils.
2000 – Today
2000 - Developed the first, pumpable, liquid shortening for the wafer, ice cream cone & 
            cookie industries.
2001 -  Designed the first, fully automated cake pan greaser with nozzle bar recognition.
2003 - Reformulated icing stabilizers to eliminate inconsistent performance of sweet
            goods glaze and icings.
2003 - Partnered with TMP Ltd. to bring an efficient and inexpensive dry topping machine
            to the United States.
2004 - Discovered a method for extending the glaze life of bun pans, with the development of the Model GSO-2010 Bun and Roll Pan Oiler.
2006 - Developed icing and glaze stabilizer that made possible the production of
            freeze/thaw stable RTU products.
2006 - First Model EPO 2001 automatic bread pan oilers sold into Europe.  

2010 -  Acquired by ICV Partners
2011  -  Introduced a spray system and release agents for frozen pizza manufacturers.
2012 – Obtained SQF Level 2 certification
2013 -  Formulated a complete line of PHO-free products.
2014 – Became a Certified Organic Food Processor.
2015 -  Introduced spray stations for use in both retail pizza stores and small bakeries.

2016 -  Acquired by Vantage Specialty Chemicals



To provide our customers with reliable, high quality products and equipment whose consistent performance is supported with unsurpassed technical service.