Mallet Sanitary Bowl Pump

The Mallet Sanitary Bowl Pump is the industry standard for economical Bowl pumps. Made in the USA and built to last!

Machine Features:

  • Available in variable and constant speed models for varied flow capacities.
  • Totally enclosed drive unit.
  • Waterproof start-stop switch.
  • Speed control inverter (for variable speed units - only).
  • Special design trunnion type tilting mechanism.
  • Positive type positioning lock.
  • Sanitary anodized aluminum frame.
  • All component parts made of corrosive resistant metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and nickel plated steel.
  • Mounted on casters for mobility.
  • B.I.S.S.C. approved

Machine Benefits:

  • Designed to transfer a variety of ingredients such as glazes, liquid custard pie fillings, light sugar syrups, cake batters, heavy syrups, sweet goods icing, fudge icings, jellies, and fruit fillings.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Available Options:

  • Variable speed Drive

Service Requirements:

  • 208/230/460 VAC 3 Phase