Mallet Mini Bulk Tanks

Mallet's Mini Bulk Tanks allow our customers to take delivery of multiple, bulk products in less than tank truck quantities. Tank sizes range from 10,000 pounds to 30,000-pound capacities.

The tanks can be designed to fit the space available. They come with, either, flat or cone shaped bottoms.

Outstanding Features:

  • 1/4" or 7 gauge steel shells.
  • Interior sand blasted to food grade specifications.
  • Epoxy primer and urethane top coat paint.
  • Lap welded seams.
  • Vertical or horizontal construction.


  • Component kits (pumps and valves).
  • Band heat and insulation.
  • UV filter pack.
  • H.D. construction.
  • Tank vent.

Note: Mallet and Company does not provide for permits or installation. Amortization programs are available.