Mallet Disposable Tote Container

Mallet’s Disposable Tote Container is made from 6-10 layers of continuously wound corrugated cardboard. The disposable tote is an ideal replacement for drums, returnable totes and any hard to dispose of container. Our totes hold 275 gallons and take the place of five, standard size steel drums. Their superior strength and durability allow for stacking up to three high.

Outstanding Features:

  • Standard size, 48” wide x 40” deep x 43” high
  • Takes the place of 5 steel drums.
  • FDA approved, bag liner.
  • Completely recyclable.
  • Fits neatly on Mallet’s tote pumping system.
  • Pump from the bottom or the top.
  • Plastic wrapped and banded to a wood pallet.

System Features:

  • Unloading valve and piercing tool.
  • Openings in the top and bottom.
  • Sealed according to FDA regulations.

Optional Equipment:

  • Tote pumping stand.