Mallet now provides a new way to save our customers money!

You can order from Mallet at anytime, any quantity, but when planning on a regular schedule, your freight savings will be substantial.

By combining your order with those of other Mallet customers and shipping them on a regular schedule, Mallet creates freight savings and passes them on to you.

How the Program Works

To order, simply check our map to see which week of each month Mallet trucks will be in your area. Call Mallet before Wednesday noon of the week before, and Mallet will deliver your order on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of your designated week. In addition, Mallet will attempt to accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Ordering Specifics

  • Order anytime through noon on Wednesday. Delivery will be made on the following Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of your designated week. Orders received after Wednesday noon may be charged at Class Rate.
  • Minimum order is 5,000 pounds. Trucks run the same week of every month: therefore, it is advisable to order a sufficient quantity to carry you through the next delivery period. Prices are determined by distance and quantity ordered.
  • Loading docks are required. Mallet will unload your order, but we are not an "inside delivery" carrier. Special requirements (undersize loading dock, restrictions of time or date) may result in additional cost.
  • Private labels and Totes require additional lead time for production.

2016 Pool Truck Schedules

Delivery Information

LTL (less than truckload)

  • Order any quantity at any time. Common carrier rates apply, common carrier service. We will do our very best to expedite from our warehouse.

Scheduled Delivery Program

  • The best way to buy less than truckload quantities from Mallet. This is a cyclical delivery program set up for you. Freight charges are less than ½ the common carrier rate. Customized service you can count on.
  • There is a 5,000 lb. Minimum order requirement.


  • Order anytime – you get exclusive use and you get the best rate.

Customer Truck

  • You are welcome to pick up your goods at our plant or warehouses. You get F.O.B. pricing, No appointment necessary. First come, first served from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.


  • Full tanker quantities of our high quality oils, depanning compounds, and lubricants.

Multi Product Bulk

  • Mallet has compartmentalized tankers so you can receive a wide variety of bulk commodities in less than full tank wagon quantities; convenient, efficient, and lowers inventory. Mallet's skilled, courteous, on time drivers make this a unique opportunity.

Air Freight

  • Air freight is expensive but when production lines are down we can help. We can ship machinery parts and small quantities or products overnight anywhere in the continental United States.