Mallet Vegalubes provide efficient releasing action, consistently delivering uniform and faultless finished products that are virtually reject free. Proven to provide superior depanning performance and results in clean, rapid cycles of operation by keeping the bread moving in automated precision from oven to wrapper, without interruption by stickers. A small quantity of pan oils will cover a large pan surface area keeping oil usage low. In addition, Vegalubes can be used in all types of spray equipment for many applications in the baking, candy and food processing industry.

Vegalube 1500 is the same superior blend of high stability vegetable oils and lecithin as Vegalube 1100 Special P, but with sorbic acid added as a mold inhibitor. Resists polymerization much better than Golden Glow. Can be used as both a pan release compound and Brown and Serve Oil. Clear liquid at room temperature.


Pails - 35# net
Steel Drum - Bung 415# net
Fiber Drum - Bung 415# net
Tote - 2,075# net


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheet (PDF)