Vegalube Excel Release represents a significant improvement over conventional pan oils in both releasing efficiency as well as polymerization resistance.  This product is composed of high smoke point mineral oil and soy lecithin, a blend of high stability vegetable oil.

Vegalube Excel Release is designed to yield improved stability to thermal and oxidative breakdown leading to greater resistance to gumming and pan buildup when compared to conventional pan oils.  In fact, in our polymerization or gumming tests, Vegalube Excel Release shows more than two times better resistance to breakdown or gumming than conventional 80/20 bread pan oils.  This enhanced stability means that pans and conveyors remain cleaner longer, resulting in a significant improvement in sanitation.

Its resistance to polymerization keeps Vegalube Excel Release fluid longer, which results in lower oil usage and extended bread pan life.

Vegalube Excel Release is a clear liquid at room temperature resulting in ease of handling and application.

Vegalubes can be used in all types of spray equipment for many applications in the baking, candy, and food processing industry.

Available in pails (35 lb), steel drums (415 lb), and disposable totes (2075 lb)


Product Brochure Sheet (PDF)
Safety Data Sheet (PDF)